The History of SUTAWANGI


In the past there was an area dominated by one of the most capable  and has many advantages, especially in the field of science of magic, the area in question is ” Wanayasa “.

This area was founded by a man named ” SAKWATA GELAR “. Futhermore,the region was led by his descendants named ” PRABU BANJAR SARI ” who have children, including : GIWANG KARA, PRABU SWARMAN, KARMAYASA and WIRAPATI. From this WIRAPATI power of this country is not followed by his descendants (because his son died on the battlefield, as will be narrated later), but continued by his younger brothers named RADEN NIRMALA as king, and the other brother who named “ARYA JATEN JATISWARA” as his deputy. And finally after Raden Nirmala death, Aria Jaten Jatiswara promoted to King of Wanayasa the last.

Is the origin of the village itself Sutawangi told from mouth to mouth of a credible existence of a legend, supposedly said when the king came to power in the kingdom Wirapati Wanayasa, told that Wanayasa under attack from the empire Girilawungan (Majalengka past) when it was led by a queen named ” NYI RAMBUT KASIH “.

At that time there was a fierce battle between the forces on the part RAMBUT  KASIH first and on the other hand Wanayasa troops led by a crown prince who holds a “SUTAPRANA” or the Sundanese language term ” SUTA ” means children and ” PRANA ” means fragrance of the war that resulted in the death of a national hero Wanayasa, namely Sutaprana.

Told that time each party had set themselves in array. Wirapati standing in the middle of the line, settling every face, investigating who might have assigned the appropriate flag, or as warlords. Long stare, Wirapati not quickly take a decision, whatever they think. When the silence, arrives – there came a young man with not hesitate and doubt he took the flag from the hands Wirapati. The young man was no other than that Sutaprana on him mentally and physically ready to defend the nation.

The battle raged fiercely. First Girilawungan troops began desperate. But the mood is changing so quickly, with no thought to cavalry attack Nyi Rambut Kasih Wanayasa forces from all directions, then spear and sword clanged collide with each other. But apparently unbalanced battle makes many Wanayasa troops slaughtered, and blood knees sagged.

Troops eventually Wanayasa a mess ….
In order to see the line Wanayasa devastated, Nyi Rambut Kasih forces began to attack with a view toward Wirapati struck. Sutaprana aware that serious atmosphere. So he lifted high the flag high and roar like a hungry lion, he screamed as loud as hard, then go ahead prominent, jump, dodge and spin, then pounce. With an aim to attract the enemy’s attention to him and forget Wirapati. Sutaprana not think about the risk of death before him ……….

Really, though alone, but Sutaprana fight like a furious bull …….. Hand holding a flag as a shield, while the next cut with a sword again with a keen eye ……
But the enemies are multiplying. So Sutaprana died and fell down the flag …… He died as a star and crown land Wanayasa best sons.

Therefore, to the services of – the heroism Sutaprana services is enshrined into the name of a village, the village is now called the Village Sutaprana or SUTAWANGI.

##the end##